Best New National ID Card Solution 2024

Panama and Mühlbauer win the HSP award 2024!

Mühlbauer is honored at the High Security Printing conference Latin America 2024 for its ID Project Panama! 

The Electoral Tribunal and the National Registry Directorate, along with Mühlbauer ID Services, won the joint award for the Best New ID Card for the Panamanian identity card. This is a new generation of the document, which includes the modernisation of the physical card, containing enhanced security measures that are visible in natural and UV illumination.

As part of the issuing procedure, biometric validation mechanisms establish a unique identity for each person, delivering a document that enables identification for authorities, institutions and third parties. All this in accordance with the rights and guarantees of the citizen established in the Constitution of the Republic of Panama.

The polycarbonate identity document is personalised by laser engraving of the portrait of the document holder, protecting the image from alteration and falsification.

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