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Nahtloser Grenzübergang mit Mühlbauer

In der Juni-Ausgabe von Regional Gateway gaben wir Einblicke in die nahtlose Grenzüberschreitung von Mühlbauer. Den vollständigen Artikel können Sie bei Regional Gateway lesen. 

The world's airports are slowly becoming busier again, facing the task to ensure safe traveling in terms of identity checking and now additionally in relation to health. We are not only thinking about how to combat the counterfeiting of documents and how to expose fraudsters. Today, we are figuring out how we keep the queues at the counters as short as possible. How do we limit or completely avoid contacts between travelers. How do we prevent documents from being passed from hand to hand between security staff and passenger? In easy words, it’s about how to pass borders seamlessly.

Automated Border Control systems (ABC systems) efficiently perform the border control process thus expanding the control capacities within a limited investment. The Mühlbauer Group developed such a solution to unite a touchless and hassle-free travel experience with highest security standards for all stakeholders. This decentralized, permission-based solution operates from the passenger’s personal mobile device.  It ensures compliance with current health and hygiene standards, as well as with valid data protection regulations and fulfils all governmental security requirements.


 Verification within seconds

MB SEAMLESS TRAVEL uses self-service kiosks as fully automated border management systems. These iKiosks feature an incorporated ePassport and ID card reader to allow for the reliable identification and verification of the traveler, also checking the data against external databases. The integrated advance biometric technology with face and liveness detection offers high-speed screening to compare the digital image on the chip with the live photo. Optionally, a fingerprint reader captures the finger’s pattern of ridges and valleys to then compare it with the help of the matching software ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) to a list of registered fingerprints. Besides the whole verification tools, the MB iKiosks can be equipped with a barcode reader and a thermal printer to scan or print the flight tickets. Although it sounds like a long process with many individual security steps, the complete registration only takes around 15 seconds.


Wenn Sie mehr über Mühlbauers nahtlose Grenzübergangslösungen erfahren möchten, besuchen Sie das Online-Magazin von Regional Gateway.