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Luminous Safety on Visa Pages

In der Juni Ausgabe des The Vault Magazine von Silicon Trust haben wir uns mit Sicherheit und dem Aussagecharakter von Pässen beschäftigt.

Whether it’s a physical or an electronic document, it’s the trustworthiness of the document that counts. Creating a new identification system means thinking about which security attributes are needed to be integrated and how are these attributes going to be proved – either manually or electronically. Secure and seamless end-to-end solutions that address both physical and electronic applications must include secure processes as well as secure functions. The implemented identification and verification solutions, systems and products should be future-proof, meaning scalable and adaptable to future requirements and challenges. Providing high secure documents is an essential part of counteracting worldwide threats of criminal and terrorist activities. The positive identification of persons by means of secure documents – and therefore the confirmation of the document validity – is crucial.

Accordingly, we need both a secure document and appropriate equipment to check it. A passport reflects a person's identity and transforms it into something tangible, official. Being officially registered means being officially authorized to participate in public life, to submit applications or to cross borders. The German travel document specialist and leading global player of the security sector Mühlbauer developed an innovative ePassport, which provides additional safety by incorporating individual images into the passport. The idea is to integrate different security features into pictures on the visa pages to combine both design and security. The pictures show e.g. cultural-historical monuments of the respective country such as Germany’s famous Neuschwanstein Castle and feature elements, which are only visible under different UV wave lengths. A security officer, checking the passport for authenticity, would only need to use a UV flashlight to discover dozens of small, shining windows in the castle, hidden under natural light. As this and many other security features do not only appear on one or two pages of the passport, but on nearly every page, differing in nature and appearance, it is quite difficult to counterfeit the ID document.

However, this is not the only intention of the ePassport. The holder should also be able to identify himself with his passport and thus with his country. The embedded images on the visa pages convey pride in one's origins and transform the passport from a neutral object into an emotional part of one's identity.


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