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| Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

World Innovation

Republic of the Congo Launches Biometric Tax ID Card Solution


Following the successful cooperation in the issuance of the Congolese national ID card and the ePassport, the Republic of Congo extended its trust in Mühlbauer. In 2018, the German high-tech company was awarded another prestigious project: the implementation of an unprecedented biometric tax ID issuance system that reliably supports the registration and identification of all taxpayers, as well as the data life cycle management.


In close cooperation with the Congolese Ministry of Finance and Budget, Mühlbauer developed a modern solution for the issuance of biometric tax identification cards for all Congolese citizens and legal entities. The Information Systems Department (DSI) of the Ministry of Finance and Budget has reliably taken care of the new Tax ID Card system’s set-up.

In ten enrollment offices across the country, private individuals and legal entities can be enrolled for the Tax ID Card via a dedicated, web-based enrolment system. Enrolled applications are forwarded to the Main Data Center, where a Unique Identification Number (NUI) is generated. Within 48 hours – as required by international standards – the applicant receives an electronic document with a NIU (Unique Identification Number) via email or SMS. In two personalization sites in the capital Brazzaville and in Pointe-Noire, the Tax ID Cards are personalized by means of four personalization machines equipped with laser-engraving and high-secure chip-encoding technologies. As a second step, the personalized Tax ID Card is handed over to the applicant.

During every registration request, the applicant’s demographical and biometric data secure the identification process and guarantee the uniqueness of the Tax ID. A sophisticated combination of the software components MB SDM and MB ABIS reliably supports the detection of multiple registration attempts and other inconsistencies. The biometric Tax ID Card ensures the integrity and security of the Congolese national tax system: It offers multiple advantages for administrators and operators in state or private institutions to securely identify and verify taxpayers in the field. By means of a third-party access interface, the biometric Tax ID Card solution enables the secure exchange of data with external entities such as tax or customs authorities or financial institutions.

The grand launch of the world's first biometric tax identification system took place on August 10, 2020 under the patronage of the Minister of Finance and Budget. The introduction of the Tax ID Card marks another milestone in the Congolese eGovernment initiative: It is a valuable contribution to the modernization of the country's administrative infrastructure and to the securing of state revenues.



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