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New Electronic Tax ID Card for the Republic of the Congo

Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH as Main Solution Partner

Based upon the Congolese National ID Card and ePassport project, the Republic of the Congo  awarded Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH to implement a state-of-the-art, biometric Tax ID Card. The solution is designed to reliably support registration, identification of all the country's tax payers and the life cycle of all the data involved.


In ten enrollment offices across the country, private individuals and legal entities can get enrolled for the Tax ID Card via a dedicated, web-based enrolment system. Enrolled applications will be forwarded to the Main Data Center, where a unique tax payer's ID will be generated. During every registration request, the applicant’s demographical and biometric data are used to secure the identification process and guarantee the uniqueness of the Tax ID. A sophisticated combination of the software components MB SDM and MB ABIS reliably supports the detection of multiple registration attempts and other inconsistencies or cases of fraud.


In two personalization sites in the capital Brazzaville and in Pointe-Noire, 4 personalization machines with laser-engraving and high-secure chip-encoding technologies are set up. As output from the high secure biometric tax card issuance system, the applicant receives within 48 hours - as required by international standards - an electronic document with the unique tax ID via email or SMS. In the second step, the personalized Tax ID Card is handed over to the applicant.


The biometric Tax ID Cards will be used on verification devices to visualize the digitally stored data. Without further support of the tax card issuance system, government officials can reliably verify the tax payer’s identity and status. Furthermore, by means of a third-party interface, the biometric Tax ID Card issuance system offers standardized interfaces for data exchange with external systems such as customs or banks. These interfaces will considerably simplify the country’s bureaucratic structures.


The solution will be put in full operation at the beginning of 2020.





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