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“As the future of Industry 4.0 unfolds, machines are getting smarter and communicate with each other to make decisions without human intervention. What was once a vision of the distant future, has now become reality – Welcome to MB PalaMax®, Mühlbauer’s Smart Factory software.”




Introducing Mühlbauer TIDIS® - an ecosystem for identity issuing, specially designed for secured consolidated identity management. Developed to keep data safe during each step of creating and maintaining an identity – whether in digital or physical form.




Mühlbauer's #SEAMLESSTRAVEL solution guarantees highest security for all stakeholders, accelerated border-crossing processes and a hassle-free and health-preserving travel experience for all passengers. The decentralized solution in the hands of the passenger ensures compliance with current international border management standards, valid data protection regulations and governmental security requirements.



Winning as a TEAM!

Mühlbauer is a team driven company that grows with its employees. We want to broaden our horizons with you and let you grow and develop. Innovation is what we seek.



It never gets boring at Mühlbauer!

Producing high-tech machines as a Precision Parts Specialist offers many interesting workflows. Knowing that they are a part of the future and that their contribution affects the world, as we know it motivates our employees to do their best every day.



I love what I'm doing an I love my job!

Our #TEAM members recognize the benefits of our innovative orientation, which is why they come to work motivated every day.