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| Rom, Italien

Personalization & Distribution of Italian Driver’s Licenses

German High-Tech Company Mühlbauer Partners with Italian Consortium


In late 2012, the Italian government awarded a consortium of partners, consisting of Poste Italiane, Postecom, DEDEM Automatica and Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH, a five year contract to issue the national driver’s license. As a part of this consortium, which is registered under the name “patentiviaposte”, German high-tech specialist Mühlbauer delivered a technological and administrative flagship project.

The volume launch of the new “Patente di Guida” cards started in January 2014. Due to the high demand the consortium exceeded all expectations and ever since that distributed over 35 million driver’s licenses. The project contains the personalization and issuance of the driver’s license, with the personalized document being mailed directly to the license holder or – in case of new issuances – to the government authority.

For the issuance of the Italian driver’s license, the consortium built up a technology center in Rome. An alternate disaster recovery site was built up north of the Italian capital. The service provided in both production sites includes personalization of the holder’s data and image by laser engraving, packing, mailing, delivery and invoicing to the citizen. DEDEM operates the systems; Poste Italiane is responsible for the delivery and invoicing services. Postecom handles the personalization of data from and towards the Ministry of Transport (MIT), as well as the tracking management of the card delivery service. All process steps are controlled and monitored, so that the government can track the status of each individual license at any time.

 Comprehensive Consulting

Three months of comprehensive consulting and close cooperation with various government institutions, in particular with the Ministry of Transport, resulted in a well-founded concept, fitting the, technical-, administrative-, and security standards stipulated by the Italian government, as well as the tight timeframes concerning the realization of the project.

 High-Security Production Standards

An important step to increase the document’s security was the change to ID-1 format cards, which do not only contain a laser image of the license holder, but also include a variety of security features, leading to significant reduction of counterfeiting.

Mühlbauer provided and maintains the core of the production hardware & software by which the complete production and issuance process is managed. This includes the secure communication (exchange of production data) with the central database of the Ministry of Transport.

 Overall Concept

Upon receipt from sub-suppliers, all card bodies undergo an optical quality control and are registered into the system warehouse by their optical card body number. The production data is received on a daily basis and, correspondingly, production lots and orders are created, managed and controlled by the MB INCAPE system. Cards and corresponding data are launched towards the modular personalization systems, which can easily be tuned to changing production concepts. By means of the card mailing systems, the card is attached to a cover letter, packed into an envelope and sent to the license holder with an invoice included. Together with the personalization equipment, Mühlbauer also provided a fully-automatic inline card sorting module, which guarantees that pre-defined card lots, dedicated to be distributed in packages to government authority offices, are made available without need of manual or additional sorting processes.

Reliability & Maintenance

During the course of the project, several change requests have successfully been integrated into the production centres with minimal extra cost to the end-customer. Furthermore, Mühlbauer engineers grant highest equipment uptime and efficiency by professional maintenance and service support on site. That is why, ever since the production has started, the personalization centre has delivered the required daily volumes with the highest efficiency and reliability possible.




Lara Schmaus

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